The Bolide

Nostradamus: In the sky we can see fire.
A long moving spark. The great value is not seen. No one will be prepared.

An image constructed through origin, combustion and heat.
A bolide is a striking bright fireball that transmits an audible sound. Our bolide an impressive 80 inch high metal creation.
Inside of it an icy, static metallic comet.
It resembles our world globe.

Nearby and withdrawn are some primitive carts waiting for things to happen.
All is peaceful and quiet.
On command the core of the planet is lit in a primitive ritual. The fire slowly creeps up and the metal gets red-hot.
Time to leave.
This creates a split between the players.
On one hand the raging fire with his determination, on the other hand controlled, hesitant water, trying to avoid the ongoing impact of the comet.
Just when it rains, the commander decides with his torch, the direction of the fireball.
Screaming and moaning, the bolide is being pulled. Without hesitation it goes off towards its target. The goal, where the impact will be, only the comet knows.
It will not let the waterpeople gets in his way, which the fireball distrustfull keeps on a distance. Due to this unpredictability,
the bolide is a constant source of anxiety. An impact indeed could have all kinds of devastating consequences.

This kind of show literally paves the way
like a real trailblazer.
Once the bolide is in motion it creates
a trail of sparks, which, like a shower of stars, entices the audience to walk along.
At some points in the procession there are breaks for a more elaborate performance. This visual fantasylike parade is not merely a movement that passes by the public, rather it takes them into another time and world.
Ideal as an independent production, as well as suitable for openings and infiltration in other events. Heat, power and primal elements.
Back to the Big Bang or rather to our unsure future?