Location Projects

Somewhere stands a ruinous abandoned house, a factory building or the remnants of an industrial structure. A place where people lived and worked. Once thriving and probably marked by blood, sweat and tears.
It's clear that the location is full of history.
It has since lost all its glory by the fast industrial development.
The site, now a deserted and desolate place, was left to its fate.
Some of the people in the surrounding may even remember it, having experienced the heyday. Since then it may have become a hangout for the youngsters, or for a secret date with a sweetheart. Maybe now it's a nice place for a Sunday stroll down memory lane, with or without child or a dog.

This is the setting.
Add this to a group of creative people.
The mission of Compagnie Doedel:
to breath new life into the abandoned place. Up, under, in and through the excisting structure a complete installation is built.
An industrial doedelworld made to measure, where metal, fire, emotion and hard labour are always present.
Eventually an image is created that transforms the deserted location into a vibrant living community. A setting that escorts the public to dream about times gone by and crave for what is going to happen.

The earth comes alive and trembles.
The show is about to begin.
The players enter the field, climbing into
the structures, or are already hidden inside. Like a new workingday in a defunct world.
Small fires are ignited. Machines and tools are being tested. Here and there some tinkering and things to be repaired. The lot must be stoked to get everything up and running; to drive the visual machine.
Systematically the tempo of the music increases, as well as the actions of the players. The fire rushing down the players and through the installation, while the required water is winched up and down.
The entire company is now in motion.
Each one does his two cents to make the workday go smoothly.
Then comes the climax and it looks like the complete workingfloor is ablaze. Everything is in full swing, flames climbing up the walls, or fall down. Nevertheless, there is a certain tranquility and it seems like the right thing.
A day on the workingfloor, rhythmically coherent with the music.
Suddenly, the siren sounds. The shift comes to an end. The work is done. Fires are extinguished, machines come to a stop and tools are left aside.

The audience was a witness of a unique one-off resurrection of the building.
All there senses were literally and figuratively set alight. Their spot came to life and,
on the other hand, visually burned to the ground.
If this is a negative or positive image will likely remain in the middle. One thing is sure. A new tale was born. For the public yet another happening, with new emotions
to be added to the history of this memorable place.